Rock Band hitting Verizon mobiles stateside

Cut down version releasing now

EA Mobile have just confirmed - and released - Rock Band Mobile for a range of handsets. The new music game is available in the US now, costing 3.99 USD per month - or a one-off 9.99 USD if you prefer.

Music from bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Beastie Boys is included, and there is solo play for drums, guitar, bass and vocals included. 25 tracks will feature in total.

Most Verizon mobiles will offer access to the game from the Media Center applications menu, or you can send an SMS: 'ROCK to 4-2-6-3 (Game)' to gain access to this new Rock Band.

"Rock Band has made its way into mainstream culture, and we're glad to bring a customized mobile version to Verizon Wireless customers. The game includes great features like 'Cooperative Multiplayer' and 'Pass-n-Play' for play with family and friends, and 'Tour' which shadows the life of a real rock star where players can choose any key band position to play," enthuses EA Mobile's Adam Sussman.

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