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Online Gamer sues in China

And wins

Reuters were reporting on Friday the unusual case of one Li Hongchen, online gamer in the Xinhua district, who has just successfully sued the manufacturer of online war game Red Moon, Beijing Arctic Ice Technology Development Co Ltd. Li Hongchen had spent the best part of the last two years, and more than $1,200 (£680) in game time vouchers - amassing a huge arsenal in the online game world.

His account was destroyed however by the activity of an anonymous hacker - who stole his 'virtual' arsenal, the work of his time and money. The player wanted the developer to divulge his nemesis's details for legal action, but when they refused he sued them instead.

Li Hongchen demanded 10,000 Yaun (the original $1,200) from Beijing Arctic Ice, and the court found in his favour, with the firm being forced to reinstate his online 'possessions'. The court blamed the game's poor security for the player's loss, hence the creators were held accountable.

With people's obsession with online gaming worlds, alternate realities, ever-growing it seems likely that cases such as this regarding 'virtual theft' will become more common, indeed, the Xinhau news agency did comment that similar cases were increasing in the region.

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