Office Yeti coming from N+ team

Robotology a distant prospect

N+ creators Metanet have this afternoon unveiled their new title, a new single-player game described as both sim and puzzle title, the bizarrely named Office Yeti.

The game will see players assuming control of a yeti, who happens to work in an office. The developers claim this idea pre-dates N+ and Robotology.

It is unclear which platforms the title will be released for, but Metanet have previously with with the PC and the Xbox Live Arcade, in addition to the PSP and DS.

A unique visual style is planned, and the developer offer this on their progress so far: "Our first goal is to get a simple little artificial-life office simulation working; from there we'll drop in a big ol' yeti and see what happens. We're expecting hilarious mayhem.

"The general idea is that the yeti is free to interact with the environment just like a normal worker, but also has a unique set of abilities: eating people, climbing walls, smashing things - you know, typical yeti behaviours."

We'll have more on this soon. Meanwhile, Metanet's other creation, Robotology, is still "nowhere near complete".

Thanks Eurogamer.

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