Activision hit back over Cobain controversy

Agreement in place assures publisher

With Courtney Love, the wife of deceased rocker Kurt Cobain threatening to sue Activision over the singer's playable character role in Guitar Hero 5, the publisher has today hit back - claiming they have all the rights needed for Cobain to appear in the game.

"Guitar Hero secured the necessary licensing rights from the Cobain estate in a written agreement signed by Courtney Love to use Kurt Cobain's likeness as a fully playable character in Guitar Hero 5," reads word from Activision to blog Kotaku.

Love spoke on Twitter earlier this week of her plans to "sue the s**t" out of Activision over the firm's use of Cobain - a statement which seems at odds with Activision's legal position.

It seems likely that this controversy isn't going to go away anytime soon. We'll keep you posted.

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