Love to sue Activision over Cobain GH5 role

Controversy Courtneying

Activision may have been singing from the rooftops about Kuty Cobain's digital role in Guitar Hero 5, but apparently the deceased rocker's widow did not know about it, Courtney Love telling Twitter that she plans on suing the game maker.

"For the record this Guitar Hero shit is breach of contract on a Bullys part and there will be a proper addressing of this and retraction," reads word from Love, on the social network.

She goes on to add: "WE are going to sue the s**t out of Activision we being the Trust the Estate the LLC the various LLCs Cobain Enterprises."

Activision are refusing to comment on this report, but it seems they may not have covered quite every legal base when adding Cobain to their imminent music title.

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