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Sony plot 3D technology in PS3

Report says hardware integration planned

3D technology will be integrated into the PlayStation 3 console over the next "two or three years", that's the word on Sony's plans as reported by CNET this afternoon.

News on Sony's approach emerges from technology expo IFA, at which a PS3 was shown working alongside a new Sony Bravia 3D television - due out next year.

In addition to adding 3D technology to the console, Sony are also planning on adding support to Blu-ray players and even laptops over the coming years. The technology on display apparently used the image-processing in the television, but integration into the console itself would allow 3D visuals on any high-definition screen.

Sony have yet to comment on any of this, but we're certainly intrigued, given the noises a number of big gaming names have been making about the future importance of the third-dimension.

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