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Take-Two tops One-Billion and confirms Releases

Vice City, anyone?

Take-Two Interactive were today reporting a massive 40% profits rise in their end of year results, which witnessed the publisher (home to Rockstar and GoD) netting a whopping $100 million, as turn-over exceeding the one-billion mark; booking the firm's place in an exclusive club which also contains EA and Activision.

As part of the results, Take-Two reiterated that these profits were generated despite the expensive acquisition of TDK Mediactive, and the launch of Max Payne 2 and GTA in Japan. What's more, it was also confirmed that GTA3 has so far sold an impressive 300,000 copies in this huge, though difficult to penetrate market.

Several planned product releases were either revealed or reiterated as part of the statement - including the news that Rockstar will publish Red Dead Revolver for PS2 and Xbox in Q2 2004, and word that both Xbox and PC versions of Manhunt are also on the way for the new year.

New versions of GTA will of course be heading the way of the PS2 in Q4, while a Japanese launch of Vice City is planned for March after the success of the original. Several other releases were confirmed, and the company revealed a re-structuring of its brands which will place all products under Rockstar, Gathering or Global Star publishing labels. Read the full press release here.

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