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Turbine brings Asheron 'In-house'

Bought from Microsoft, no-less

As you may have spotted in yesterday's news, Turbine Entertainment have just acquired an impressive $18 million in investment capital, which the US developer has already confirmed it is using to fund the in-house publishing of D&D Online, as well as to prop-up development of Middle-Earth Online which is proceeding apace.

Further to yesterday's big announcements then, comes additional word the developer as also bought the rights to Asheron's Call from Microsoft - the publisher of the Turbine developed MMORPG. The acquisition includes the two existing games in the series; and the respective add-on pack, however the handover to Turbine is expected to take nearly a year, as billing, technical support and the like are all transferred.

"As the franchise's creator, Turbine has always felt a tremendous obligation to Asheron's Call and the people who play it," enthused Turbine's Jeffrey Anderson. "We're excited to have the opportunity to build upon the success that the Asheron's Call franchise reached under Microsoft's management."

The sum of money involved in this acquisition is unknown.

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