Veteran rockers concerned by music games

Old timers speak out over impact

Chatting with the BBC, Rolling Stone Bill Wyman and Pink Floyd's Nick Mason have said that music games like The Beatles: Rock Band are not a good thing, as they dissuade people from learning real instruments.

"It encourages kids not to learn, that's the trouble," Wyman offered, adding "It makes less and less people dedicated to really get down and learn an instrument. I think is a pity so I'm not really keen on that kind of stuff."

Mason added that while Rock Band and Guitar Hero are 'interesting developments', the rhythm-action games are ultimately unhealthy and irritating.

"It irritates me having watched my kids do it - if they spent as much time practising the guitar as learning how to press the buttons they'd be damn good by now."

Beatlemania hits Rock Band tomorrow.

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