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Everquest gets ever larger

Expansion ahoy

Coming sometime next February Sony Online Entertainment will open new lands for Everquesters to explore. The tantalisingly titled Gates of Discord will feature a new character class, the Berserkers, to get to grips with as well as a host of new mighty weapons and arcane spells. Twenty new zones will make an appearance including a huge new ship city zone which comes stuffed to the gunwales with merchants, tradesman and quest-givers.

A bunch of new story driven quests will be there for the taking along with new higher tradeskill recipes for the creation of hundreds of new items. There will be 100 Alternative Advancement Abilities offering new character advancement opportunities and a whole new continent rumoured to hold the secrets to the future of Norrath - Taelosia, will make its debut appearance.

"Players will face the greatest threat to Norrath and the chaos of a realm yet undiscovered. Norrathians will need to unite with the Wayfarers Brotherhood to oppose this mighty force," commented Michael Lustenberger, director of product marketing, Sony Online Entertainment. "In preparation for one of the most epic adventures yet, the Gates of Discord will offer players alternate advancement abilities, leadership experience, the Berserker melee class and vast new areas and zones to explore."

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