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Sony eye 3D technology on PS3

Get your goggles ready for 2010?

A software update in 2010 could add support for '3D' games on the PS3, that's the word from Sony who have been discussing the technology with microchip obsessives Engadget.

A number of future titles are tipped to boast realistic 3D visuals, via combinations of fancy television sets and 3D glasses, with Avatar: The Game perhaps the most noteworthy example we've seen thus far.

Sony clearly recognise the potential of this, with investigations now under way, although the firm assures that they have no official plans to add backwards-compatible 3D support to older games just yet.

Increasing numbers of 3D games are rumoured to be heading to the PS3 next year, then, although how many older titles will also be supported remains very much unclear.

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