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Ron Gilbert readies new adventure

Fears for future of 'industry'

Credited with being one of the masterminds behind the hit Monkey Island series of adventure games at LucasArts, game designer Ron Gilbert is set to step back into the limelight via a new PC adventure title, called Deathspank.

The new title is said to be a bit like "Monkey Island meets Diablo" (thanks RPS), and Gilbert could be found talking up the importance of indie developed titles at last week's Penny Arcade expo stateside.

Chatting at PAX, Gilbert lamented the commercialisation of the industry, and said indie creations should be celebrated.

"The games industry [has become] just that.. an industry," the veteran railed.

"Big companies need to be safe. This is why indie games excite me. They have the freedom to fail. Games are art that is meant to be lived, not viewed. What Hollywood fails to understand is that games are an art form; they are not toys. The worst way to tell a story in games is by a series of cutscenes interspersed between action [scenes]."

Do you agree with Ron?

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