Take-Two lay Hot Coffee scandal to rest

Finally, the end

In what must be one of the longest running scandals and easily the biggest in video gaming history, Take-Two let sip this week that they have finally laid to rest the ongoing litigation over the so-called 'Hot Coffee' controversy.

A naughty, hidden mini-game uncovered in GTA: San Andreas was behind the stir, which saw everyone from the press through to politicians wading in, as the lawsuits flew thick and fast.

Rockstar owners Take-Two have negotiated a 20 million USD settlement, the publisher coughing up just shy of 5 million USD - their insurers the remainder.

"Take-Two fully accrued for its portion of the settlement costs over several quarters ended April 30, 2009. The Company also agreed to supplement the substantial changes that it has already implemented in its corporate governance policies and practices. The settlement is subject to the completion of final documentation and preliminary and final approval by the Court," reads word from the firm.

Boss-man Strauss Zelnick added that everyone was pleased the matter has now been put to bed.

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