Take-Two dabbling with Natal en masse

Studios eying MS and Sony motion controllers

Speaking as the company confirmed it's third-quarter financials, Take-Two CEO Ben Feder has revealed that Natal development kits are in the paws of their studios right now, with several teams seemingly working on projects (thanks VG247).

"Natal motion-sensors - yes we have dev kits, yes we're working on them. Obviously, we can't comment on games we haven't announced. But those dev kits are embedded in all of our studios, or just about all of our studios, and everybody's working with them to try to figure out new ways in which we can innovate and create the kind of content that this company is famous for."

"So yes, we're working on it," the big cheese added, later affirming that the publisher are also looking at the PS3 motion controller, with development kits also in-house.

More on all this soon.

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