Chinatown Wars and Beaterator for iPhone

Rockstar embrace the App Store

Yet more news in from Rockstar this morning, the game maker confirming that Beaterator and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars are on the way to the iPhone and the iPod Touch this autumn.

The developer's handheld version of GTA has already been released on the Nintendo DS, and Rockstar had even announced that a PSP version is also in the works.

"Chinatown Wars is a perfect match for the iPhone and iPod touch. We are very excited to bring this incredibly ambitious version of Liberty City, with this level of detail and immersive gameplay on Apple's new gaming platforms," beams Rockstar president Sam Houser.

Music favourite Beaterator is also on the way for the PSP, and will be out in just a matter of weeks. We'll have more App Store news as we get it.

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