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Microsoft hope to 'win' with Xbox 360's Natal

Millions of new players expected

Natal is about much more than motion control or a fancy new camera peripheral, Game Studios boss Shane Kim stating that the device is about making the Xbox 360 truly mass market - bringing in 'hundreds of millions' of new players.

Kim hopes the new system can see Microsoft win this console generation, despite the Wii's current lead, and the firm seem determined to crack the non-hardcore market currently dominated by Nintendo's lounge-box.

"The generation isn't over, and were not winning yet," Kim admits to Official Xbox Magazine.

"Our goal is to win, always has been. We want to have hundreds of millions of customers, whether that's on 360 or on Live, and that's our vision. Thats what Project Natal is about. Natal is not about responding to Nintendo and what they do with Wii, it goes well beyond what Nintendo and Sony are doing.

"This is about unlocking the potential and breaking down all the barriers that remain that prevent people who are intimidated or feel awkward with a controller in their hand - anything that prevents them from jumping in and having a great time with Xbox 360 and Xbox Live."

That sounds like fighting talk, to us.

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