EA unsure over future of peripherals

Rock Band sales suffer

Talking about the expensive music peripherals sold alongside games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, EA boss man Frank Gibeau has said he is unsure whether these pricey extra controllers have a future.

Sales of Rock Band have fallen somewhat flat in recent months, leading Gibeau to question whether the dedicated-peripheral sub-genre could have already peaked.

"Plastic's way down, so a lot of the music category stuff is not as robust as it's been, and it's unclear whether a lot of this peripheral activity that's happening is going to stick. 125, 115, 99 dollar price points for these things - it appears to have gone soft right now in the market place," the exec told

"But for standalone software titles that are high quality, from us? I feel good about it. I look at our first half, our Q2, I feel good about our company, our line-up. We're not as exposed to some of those other issues - year-on-year our Q4 is going to be very dramatic in terms of the titles released."

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