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BioWare dodging heavy DRM for Dragon Age

Muzyka puts faith in the community

Speaking with this site, BioWare and EA executive Ray Muzyka has said that the firm are making a conscious effort to keep the community happy and avoid heavy duty DRM with new RPG Dragon Age: Origins.

Muzyka says that the publisher are trusting gamers to do the right thing and not pirate the game, in exchange for excellent support from the developer post-launch. Dragon Age will apparently include just a simple disk check.

"It's a philosophy that we're building a game, with Dragon Age, that is such as great value to price ratio, and we have such an ambitious and valuable, to fans, downloadable content plan that we trust our fans. We're releasing a game we think they are going to see is really useful, valuable and high quality to price ration that they are going to pay us for that, because it's evident that the game is good game," Muzyka explains.

"It's a long game, a lot of content. The post-release content is going to motivate people to register with us and become customers long term. It's all optional, but we're confident enough with the quality of the offering that we know our fans will be loyal and support us. It's about trust - we trust our fans. We're counting on them to keep us in business. We ask them to consider that, to not pirate, and to support us and in turn we'll be very, very supportive of them."

Much more in the full interview.

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