FASA founder accuses Microsoft

Weisman blames platform holder for destruction of culture

FASA Interactive creator Jordan Weisman has blamed Microsoft for destroying the culture at his game studio post-acquisition - stating that the giant publisher almost destroyed Halo maker Bungie in the same way.

Chatting with, he railed: "When Microsoft bought FASA Interactive and incorporated it into Microsoft... the two reasons they bought us was, one, they wanted the catalog of intellectual properties and, two, they felt that we had developed a really good development culture. And the reality is that, pretty much from the day we moved to Redmond, that development culture was destroyed. I don't think the studio ever really had a chance. It was destroyed right in the beginning.

"When we were acquiring Bungie, they wanted me to sit down with the owners of Bungie and tell them how well the transition went, and it was like - 'what planet are you guys on?' This transition did not go well. And actually I became the lead vocal pain in the ass to get things done very different for Bungie."

Weisman says that Bungie's culture was better defended, and the developer says he even wanted the firm left in Chicago; efforts which ultimately failed.

The FASA founder is presently trying to buy several IPs back from Microsoft, and is planning a new MechWarrior title with Piranha.

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