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BioWare unsure over Mass Effect 2 on PS3

Muzyka dodges questions on formats

BioWare won't confirm or deny rumours that Mass Effect 2 could make it to the PS3 - but they seem happy to keep their options open, despite the first title in the RPG series being a PC and Xbox 360 exclusive. Chatting with CVG at GamesCom, BioWare boss Ray Muzyka wouldn't be drawn into confirming the developers PS3 plans.

"I think a more accurate way to frame it is to say we've announced we're developing Mass Effect for 360 and PC. Right from the beginning we said we wanted to deliver Mass Effect on the 360. Right now all we've announced is we're working on 360 and PC," offered the CEO, picking his way through the questioning with some dexterity.

Muzyka was quick to add that the firm have nothing to offer on the PS3 at the moment. Who knows what the future holds?

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