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Wal-Mart defiant over Vice City

Business as usual for supermarket giant

What real relevance this will have to gamers from this side of the pond is debatable but it is encouraging news none the less. US retailing giant Wal-Mart has refused to remove GTA: Vice City from its shelves. Ignoring the wails of the semantically challenged Haitian community leaders in the south of Florida, Wal-Mart has shown more balls than the seemingly ballsy publisher of the kill-em-up game in question. Rockstar apologised last week for the offence caused to some sensitive people - who found the phrase 'Kill the Haitians', referring to one of the many criminal gangs in the game, to be most upsetting.

Protests outside various retailers that sell the game are planned for this week. A good time for hot dog vendors, then, a pain for those trying to make an honest living and incredulous to those of us who see any racism that could possibly be divined in the game as being utterly insignificant in comparison to other, more accepted forms of entertainment.

We wait with baited breath to see who will next step up to the plate and embarrass themselves - and by unfortunate extension their community - with an inability to realise that something's do not warrant any attention.

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