New game due from Viewtiful creator

It is all a bit vague, sadly

A report on today informs us that the creator of the critically-adored Viewtiful Joe has a new game up his sleeve, work on which is already under way. Director Hideki Kamiya announced his future plans as part of a column on Capcom's website, though few details on his new opus were confirmed.

However, Kamiya did write that he plans to continue in a similar vein to the wonderful Viewtiful Joe; blending elements of modern gaming technology, with refreshing retro-inspired gameplay. This is certainly sure to allure fans of his last outing.

Apparently, the cartoon accompanying the column might even offer a slight hint as to Kamiya's future direction, 'or not', as's teasingly cryptic report puts it. I certainly couldn't decipher anything particularly enlightening from it.

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