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PS3 motion controller for the spring

Hirai affirms release plans

As previously speculated, Sony have re-confirmed that the PS3's motion controller will arrive in the spring, that's the word from Sony Computer Entertainment boss Kaz Hirai, who stops short of confirming anything more specific.

"We are slating it for spring of next year. One of the things is that we just don't want to put out the controller. We need a great software that supports the controller at launch. It's something that we've been working on for the longest time," Hirai told The Times.

We've yet to hear anything specific on the kind of software that will be offered for the motion controller, but despite the dual-wand-based approach, Sony are adamant that their technology is a cut above Microsoft's Natal system - which negates all controllers in favour of the human body alone.

More on the PS3's motion controller soon.

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