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Haitians still dissatisfied with 'Racist' Vice City

More protests planned with the possibility of legal action too

Despite Rockstar already promising to amend future copies of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, removing the phrase 'kill the Haitians' from part of the game's dialogue branded 'racist' by the Haitian community, it now appears that the pressure groups are still dissatisfied, and have seized the continuing momentum to protest against stores still selling copies of the original game. Of course, if members of the minority Haitian community have read the reports concerning this 'racism' in the media, then it is little wonder many are still angry with Rockstar.

Ringo Cayard of the Haitian American Foundation commented that "It's too little, too late", and protests outside stores like Wal-Mart are planned - with protestors incensed that the title has made so much money already. A 'kill the Cubans' line in the game has already come under attack now, too.

Finally, in a move that is sure to concern Rockstar, the Florida Attorney General's Office and the Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office, plan to investigate the racist claims further, with Delray Beach City Commissioner Jon Levinson commenting "it sounds like this has got to be against the law. To tell people to kill a particular group of people? That has to violate the law".

Of course nobody appears to be taking into account the context in which the inflaming statements were made - that of a realistic gangland feud. Nor indeed has anyone noted that any overtly 'racist' sentiments in the game are no worse than many found regularly in the cinema; which, for the most part, escapes similar criticism. A very odd situation indeed. Thanks Eurogamer.net.

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