World Tour not compatible with GH5 tunes

But forward-compatibility assured

Word on the street this afternoon has it that the downloadable tracks that Activision will offer for Guitar Hero 5 will not be compatible with Guitar Hero World Tour. However, the publisher assures that future compatibility is assured as a result.

"Guitar Hero 5 downlodable content will be compatible with future Guitar Hero and Band Hero games. However, the advancements and innovations made to the franchise do now allow for downloadable content to be backwards compatible with Guitar Hero World Tour," Destructoid were told.

On the plus side, tracks you've already purchased for older games will work with Guitar Hero 5 - although if you want advanced features linked to the new game, you will need to re-download the old tracks.

Activision also assure that you can export World Tour and Smash Hits songs to the new title, due out on the 1st of September.

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