No offline mode coming for Diablo III

Mosquiera emphasises the importance of community to the Diablo experience

Jose Mosquiera, game director on Diablo III has pretty much put paid to any notion that an offline mode is coming for Diablo III.

The lack of an offline mode has proven a pretty controversial design decision especially at launch time when there were some pretty awful server issues.

Speaking on the stage during a Q&A session after a big preview of the Reaper Of Souls expansion Mosquiera glossed over a question about an offline mode by stressing the importance of community in Diablo III. No offline mode coming for Diablo III

“When we decided to design Diablo III we feel, and seeing you all out here is testament to that, that Diablo plays best when you play with your friends,” Mosquiera explained. “When you have access to this awesome community that is Blizzard. It's why we have BlizzCon and we felt it was really important for us to have that social connection – for you to have access to your friends list. It also allowed us to make sure your characters are always stored and it was really important for us to satisfy the social aspect of the game.”

So, in short, no offline mode. Unless you play it on console that is...