The Lost and Damnned, The Ballad of Gay Tony still 360 exclusives

For the moment?

Contrary to rumours reported yesterday the two Grand Theft Auto IV DLC episodes The Lost and Damnned and The Ballad of Gay Tony will not be coming to the PS3.

An SCEE community bod had posted that GTA: The Lost and Damned was playable on the GamesCom show floor, which was news to us. A slip of the keyboard at EB Games stateside then fanned the rumour embers by listing that The Ballad of Gay Tony strategy guide, was for the PS3 as well as the announced platforms.

All of this got blown out of the water when a Rockstar rep, speaking to the chaps at VG247, said "The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony are both exclusive toXbox 360"

So that's that then? For now.

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