Team17 developing on unannounced hardware?

New Worms, new IP, cloud gaming discussed

Speaking with this site at GamesCom in Cologne, Team17 studio head Martyn Brown has hinted that the UK development house could be working on new titles on what sounds like unannounced hardware.

Whilst details are scant, and Brown wasn't giving much away, it's possible that these new titles are new IP, but the boss shied away from revealing specifics.

Whilst mentioning Worms IP-based titles the studio boss went on to talk about Alien Breed's next-gen revival, and then unannounced IP that "we can't really discuss at the moment" and saying it depends on "if there is new hardware that comes out".

Team17 have been getting into mobile platforms in a big way, so this could be related, but we'll reserve judgment on this tittle-tattle until we get further word.

Brown also discussed cloud gaming services such as Gaikai and OnLive, saying "the jury is still out on this".

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