Molyneux reveals Fable 3

Out in 2010

At Microsoft's press conference at GamesCom in Cologne Peter Molyneux has announced Fable 3.

Speaking of a bold game where big, powerful choices have to be made the games maker told us passionately about the title questioning basic game mechanics. Some in the assembled journalist crowd took this to mean Natal integration.

A short teaser trailer was shown revealing that the main character is now the ruler of the Albion world, and that your decisions affect the entire world. The character's family interactions were also mentioned, playing a role in how the game develops.

Molyneux went on to flesh out the story details showing concept art of a king surrounded by prostitutes. Half the game will be about your rise to power, and the other half about the player attempting to keep their promises. Real world politics were mentioned with Molyneux commenting that over-promising politicians never deliver and leaders age dramatically when in power.

The drama and history of the world was emphasised with characters from Fable 1 and 2 returning.

Bizarrely, the company took it upon themselves to act out the entire game story over many weeks using real live actors at a movie studios near London.

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