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New PS3 exclusive coming from Suda-51

No More Heroes man announces biggie

No More Heroes creator Suda-51 has been beavering away on a secret project for some time now, and today we can confirm that the new title in question is Kurayami.

A PS3 exclusive is said to be the order of the day, Kurayami billed as an alternative action-adventure game.

Apparently, Suda's new opus is inspired by the imagination of Franz Kafka, and will be set in a bizarre town complete with an unusual castle. Players must explore this odd world in order to find a way out; and on the way we're promised a range of horrifying foes and discoveries.

Kurayami means 'darkness' in Japanese, players only equipped with a small torch to light their way, new visual approaches promising to convey a genuine sense of loneliness.

More on this very soon. Thanks GameSpy.

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