Crytek expects current gen to last

2012 or not at all, says Yerli

Developer Crytek believe the current console generation will be a lengthy one, boss Cevat Yerli telling GDC Europe attendees that he believes the current roster of systems will last until 2012.

Despite predicting the end of the current generation at this point, 'at the latest', he's also dubious about whether there will be a new generation at all.

"There's a big debate about whether there will be a next generation at all," Yerli admitted, before waxing lyrical about the criticism Crytek received for the high system specifications of 2007's Crysis.

"We are very often criticized for this but it's the company's intent to make things highly scalable. Therefore, users can play the game now, and then, when you buy a PC in two years time, the game will look better."

Crysis 2 is presently in the works. Thanks Gamasutra.

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