GTA Online hosting a double RP weekend

Last chance to grab the Independence Day content

Rockstar has announced that they will be hosting a double RP weekend in GTA Online this weekend.

From tomorrow, August the 1st until Monday August 3rd, GTA Online players will receive twice as much RP on all Jobs and other activities that confer RP like Gang Attacks, Hold-ups, Import/Export activities and more.

The weekend is also the last opportunity to jump online and grab the exclusive Independence Day content which includes the Sovereign motorcycle, Liberator monster truck and weapons like the Musket and Firework rocket launcher. The pakc also includes a host of America-themed clothes and masks. GTA Online hosting a double RP weekend

The Independence Day content is available for a limited time only and will disappear from GTA Online on Sunday. With the double RP this weekend it is probably the best opportunity to jump on and grab it before it disappears for good.

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