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Blizzard unsure about Natal at this point

Pardo worries about accuracy

Rob Pardo, big design chief at Blizzard, says that the developer have yet to be convinced that Natal is quite as powerful as Microsoft thinks it is. Apparently, Pardo isn't yet sure about the motion control system's spatial awareness.

"I've got to play with Natal a little bit, and it seems like the difficulty with it is still spatial recognition with moving your hands and doing things," the big cheese offered, according to VG247.

Addressing the idea that the system might be used for real-time strategy games, Pardo said that he simply wasn't sure it was sensitive enough for such use.

"You'd actually still need an interface that you could do that with, and Natal is still going to be pretty imprecise in the way Wii is today. I mean, I could see the future one day [allowing it], but I don't know if Natal's it. Maybe it's a step towards it," the designer continued.

Natal is expected out in late 2010. More from Blizzard very soon.

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