No monthly subs for APB

Real Time Worlds consider options

Real Time Worlds boss Dave Jones has already said that new action-MMO APB won't be following the monthly subscription path trodden by other big online games, and this has been reiterated by the title's official FAQ, which once again side-steps further information on how the title will be funded.

Rumour has it that the game will be based on some kind of micro-transaction based model, Real Time Worlds holding back certain content from those that don't cough up extra.

APB will of course also be sold in traditional boxed form, before other charges come into play, and it sounds a bit as if the developers themselves can't yet decide how best to make money from the new game - set to be published by EA.

"Basically, you have to buy the client. It's a traditional game that you buy. We're not going the normal 'you have to subscribe to play the game every month' route. What we haven't said is which route we are going, and in some respects we're still looking," Jones tells us.

Thanks Evil Avatar.

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