New Gotham-powered Xbox bundle

Merry Christmas, love Microsoft

Microsoft's assault on Christmas continued today, just as it looked like Redmond might have their full hand on the table, as they confirmed another new bundle deal which I'm sure they'll be hoping will make the Xbox more of a challenge to the PS2 which Christmas but a matter of days away. This new bundle is certainly one which will appeal to the 'mainstream', and offers an Xbox console and a copy of the fantastic Project Gotham Racing 2 for £129. Which is a rather good offer, to say the least.

The new deal will be available from retailers as of today, and will continue on a 'while stocks last' basis. Whether or not this new offering will elevate the Xbox to challenge the PS2 is unknown, and also seems a tad unlikely, but it could certainly be the final nail in Nintendo's Christmas coffin; cementing the Xbox's number two status. More on this as we get it.

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