Crytek threaten to leave Germany

Violent games ban could see developer depart

Crytek boss Cevat Yerli believes his game maker might be forced to leave Germany if the country pushes ahead with legislation effectively banning the sale of action video games.

Political pressure is mounting in Germany, pushing for the ban following a number of high profile youth violence incidences, with mature action games under the spotlight as a result.

"A ban on action games in Germany is concerning us because it is essentially like banning the German artists that create them. If the German creative community can't effectively participate in one of the most important cultural mediums of our future, we will be forced to relocate to other countries," Yerli offered, according to PC Games Germany (thanks VG247).

"The current political discussion will deprive German talent of its place on the global game development stage, and deprive German consumers of entertainment that is considered safe and fun around the world."

New laws being debated by legislators would ban retailers from selling violent games, and would also put a stop to German firms making or publishing the products, too.

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