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Iwata plays down Wii price cut rumour

Poor sales are software related, says big chief

Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata isn't worried by the flagging sales of the Wii console worldwide, the executive stating that the mediocre performance of the first-quarter is simply caused by a dirge of new game releases.

Iwata-san believes that sales of the hardware will pick up as the year goes on, and new titles start flooding onto shelves, especially as the winter looms and the Christmas buying spree kicks-off. This in turns makes price cuts at this stage unlikely.

"It's not the case of the quality of hardware moved, the feeling of missing strong competitive power, lacking its luster or poor sales," the big cheese explained to Kotaku.

"Consistently, big time titles will be released in the marketplace for this hardware. When that stops, to reinvigorate the console, or to put it another way, I think the current decline in hardware sales is due to the fact that there arent many big titles (at the moment)."

He concludes: "Right now, there aren't a lot of discussions going on about what exactly to do about hardware pricing."

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