Sega attracts Sammy

Sammy acquires large stake in Sega

A spot of business news now for those of you interested in the dealings of Sega and co. in Japan, as games machine manufacturer Sammy confirmed that it had acquired the share of Sega previously owned by CSK Corporation - a share which amounts to a hefty 22.4% stake in the company.

Sammy has fingers in dozens of different pies - including the lucrative Pachinko market in Asia - Japan's number one pass-time. The company sees this move as a solidifying of the already strong relationship it has with Sega.

"Sammy is a strong company financially and is looking to pursue strategic investment opportunities," commented John Rowe, President and Chief Operation Officer of Sammy Holding Company. "Now that we have taken yet another step toward becoming a global force in entertainment, we look forward to finding mutually beneficial ways to work with Sega."

A merger between these two companies was on the cards earlier this year - as Sega sought to solidify its financial standing having been in free-fall since shedding its loss-making console enterprise. A number of other suitors and potential partners were also rumoured at the time, though none bore fruit in the end. Regardless, it will be interest to watch the outcome of this deal.

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