Miis playable in Guitar Hero 5

Wii gets support, but not PS3 Home

First, we were told that Guitar Hero 5 would support Xbox Live Avatars, and now we hear that Activision's new game will also offer support for Miis on the Wii console.

Speaking to the publisher revealed that the Wii's characters will work with the game in exactly the same way as the bigger Xbox 360 version.

While the Wii will be supported, the firm admit that the same thing is unlikely of the PS3 - where the game could theoretically use the avatars players have created for the Home social network.

"While there are no plans to have Home avatars for the PS3 version, the US has confirmed that Wii owners will be able to rock out with their Miis in Mii Freestyle Mode," the website was told. More shortly.

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