Braben defends Lionhead's Milo

Smoke and mirrors are fine...

Lionhead's 'Milo and Kate' demonstration at E3 certainly drew an impressed reaction at the show itself, but in the aftermath some have questioned how much real innovation was on display.

Veteran game developer of Frontier Developments, however, has stepped forward to defend Lionhead from the critics.

"I think there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of with good, complex smoke and mirrors. With all of these things, we're building interesting worlds, and there are so many different ways you can do that. Milo & Kate showed some of that, and some of the things we're working on will show some of that too," the veteran enthused to Eurogamer.

"There are so many different dimensions to it: I often bore on about film, but it shows how much more there is out there that we haven't touched yet in the game space."

Braben believes AI is finally starting to come on in leaps and bounds. How exciting.

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