Third Dead Space game in the works

Trilogy in the works at Visceral?

Visceral are already hard at work behind the scenes on Dead Space 2, sequel to last winter's survival-horror hit, and we today hear that even Dead Space 3 is in the planning stages.

Variety have already confirmed this morning that the producers of the Gears of War movie are behind a new film based on Dead Space - while a Wii release, Dead Space: Extraction, will be also be out this winter sporting an '18' certification.

Apparently, Visceral have plans for at least a trio of Dead Space releases, then, although it is expected that the movie will take it's narrative cues from the first title.

Dead Space 3 must be a very distant prospect at this point, EA having yet to officially lift the lid on the second game in the series. We'll keep you posted on this.

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