Sega sues over Road Rage

Patent infringed

An interesting report on today informs us that Sega of America has launched a case against the companies behind 2001's The Simpsons Road Rage, alleging that the multi-million selling title infringes the patents of their own Crazy Taxi arcade game.

The case was filed in San Francisco and names Fox Filmed Entertainment, Fox Interactive, Electronic Arts and developer Radical Entertainment. Sega allege that the game deliberately copies the gameplay of Crazy Taxi; which it appears the publisher own some kind of patent concerning. Sega not only want the offending title removed from sale, but also a slice of the huge profits earned from it.

The outcome of this case will be interesting because it outlines one of the creative industry's greatest fear - the theft of cutting-edge ideas and other game-elements. Quite a contentious issue, then.

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