Bethesda almost omitted dog from Fallout 3

Dogmeat a surprise hit for developers

Canine companion Dogmeat only just made the cut into Fallout 3, Bethesda telling The Escapist that the technology presented a number of problems which almost saw the feature axed.

Design lead Chris Taylor tells the site that his team never realised the in-game companion would prove as popular as he has, nor did he expect players to engage so much with the versatile doggy.

"We never expected that Dogmeat would become such a popular character. I always intended that the various NPCs that joined up with the player would come to a violent end," he admitted.

"I was shocked when I heard of all the work people went through to keep Dogmeat alive to the end - especially the hell that they went through with the force fields in the Military Base."

Man's best friend, indeed.

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