Dragon Quest sees DS sales rocket

Japan goes handheld

The DSi has been Japan's best-selling games console for some weeks anyway, but last week's result really was a land-slide, the release of Dragon Quest IX pushing sales of the console through the roof.

The final total for the week in question was nearly 97,000, an ocean ahead of the PSP, which was second with just over 24,000 sales.

In third place there is the Wii console with over 20,000 - followed by the DS Lite with nearly 10,000.

The PS3 didn't enjoy quite as good a week, languishing with less than 9,000 sales - the PS2 on just over 3,000 - the Xbox 360 resuming (bad) business as usual with less than 3,000 units sold during the same week.

More from Japan as we get it.

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