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Guerrilla move away from Killzone 2

Developers to take a retrospective

Guerrilla and Sony's post-launch support of PS3 exclusive FPS Killzone 2 has been commendable, but it seems the deluge of content and updates that followed the game's launch could be set to subside.

According to word in today from the game's European developer, Guerrilla are about to take a break from work on Killzone 2, and will take a look at the game's evolution - presumably also considering future Killzone projects.

"Right now we're going to take a step back from Killzone 2," Seb Downie tells the official PlayStation blog.

"We've been working non-stop since the disc version was released on patches, DLC and updates, so need some time to reflect on what is actually out there."

We'll have more on Killzone's future soon.

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