Valve unconcerned by piracy fears

Newell moots Russian parallel

Half-Life creators Valve are bucking the trend, it would seem, the developers assuring that they don't worry about piracy - even though Steam is apparently rife with it.

Boss Gabe Newell told Good Game that "we don't really worry about piracy", when asked about it in a new interview.

"Bad service on the part of game companies," is the real reason for piracy, Newell assures, stating that he finds it unlikely that players spending 2000 USD on a new PC would balk at current game prices.

Noting the example of the Russian games market, Newell said that while the region is famous for piracy, a concerted effort from Valve on the localization front coupled with good service saw such issues 'disappear'.

Newell is clearly not a fan of intrusive DRM. More wise words from the big man himself, soon.

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