Jones sees long future for APB

Realtime boss learns lessons from Counter-Strike

GTA creator Dave Jones believes APB, his new gangland MMO, could have a shelf life of between five and 10 years. Or so the veteran game maker told Videogamer at Develop.

"There is a game which kept people playing for years and years and years, but from a very, very different perspective - just a great, great, great core combat game," Jones offered.

"I want more of what Counter-Strike did coupled with the social stuff that Counter-Strike didn't do. You couldn't even have a clan in Counter-Strike for heaven's sake. People used to improvise by adding it to the end of their names."

Jones believes it is these social features that will help give APB longevity, while he also believes the game will boast stronger combat elements than rival MMOs like World of Warcraft. We'll be taking a closer look at APB soon.

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