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Shooter 'in reverse' set for PSN

Retro/Grade confirmed

A new PSN release was announced today, developer 24 Carat Games confirming work on Retro/Grade, an unusual take on the shooter genre that seems to be a downloadable exclusive for the PS3.

Apparently, the title will star Rick Rocket, who is credited with saving the universe and now has to do it all again, but in reverse.

What does this actually mean? Well, we're told the game will see you piloting a space craft around in a 2D plane, attempting to catch the lasers you've already fired in reverse, thereby 'rewinding' through the saving of the universe.

The game bares a few similarities with the rhythm-action genre, we're told, and we also reckon there could be more than a hint of Braid in some of the puzzling elements - the title sporting power-ups capable of re-reversing the flow of time.

Electronica favourite Nautilis will provide the game's music, and we're certainly intrigued to see how this title pans out when it hits the PSN later this year.

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