World at War gets four new maps

Map Pack 3 out next month

Call of Duty: World at War is this week bolstered by news that four brand new maps are on the way for Treyarch's opus, three of the new battlefields are of the historical variety, while the fourth is all about those pesky Nazi zombies.

The new stages will be released in August, we're told, and while Battery, Revolution and Breach are will lean in historical directions, we can expect zombies in Der Riese.

This is the third Map Pack released for the WWII shooter by Activision, and we're offered the following specifics on the maps:

"Fight for ocean territory in "Battery," an armored island surrounded by anti-ship mines and shore to ship cannons. Watch out for sniper fire as you defend Russia's most coveted resource in "Revolution," and keep a sharp eye out through the dense, overcast city streets in "Breach," set at Berlin's historic Brandenburg Gate."

Not to mention: "Zombies return in all their undead glory with "Der Riese" (Zombie Factory), a Nazi research facility featuring the weapon upgrading Pack-A-Punch Machine. Use the teleporters to escape in an instant and fight to the death in pursuit of the map's 10 new Achievements/Trophies."

More soon.

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