Boom Blox could go multi-platform

But not just yet, by the sound of things

EA puzzle hit Boom Blox could eventually make it to other platforms in addition to the Wii console, Bright Light Studios boss Harvey Elliott telling Videogamer at Shrine Week that nothing has been ruled out.

"I wouldn't rule anything out, never say never," Elliott offered.

"Why I think Boom Blox has really worked is that it captured the spirit of the Wii. It's about the motion control, it's about throwing a ball or throwing an object.

"I can't imagine that on other devices at the moment. There's something very physical about it. Right now I'm really proud that it's stayed focused on the Wii and I think it's the right thing. Who knows for the future."

While Elliott doesn't mention it, Sony and Microsoft are of course hard at work on some motion control technology of their own, which could of course provide the tactile control so key to this series. More soon.

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